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Best dress ideas for your Baby's Annaprashan Ceremony Photography

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Traditional Dress:

Taking pictures of the rice ceremony in the traditional dress is the best idea for the dress selection. For baby boys taking pictures in pajamas and pujabi, or dhoti is the dress. On the other hand, for girls, you can take pictures in sari. It is the day when your baby wears a traditional costume for the first time. So, you can take the picture for your baby in the traditional wear for the first time. So, if you are a photography lover, you can opt for a traditional dress to take pictures of your baby.

discuss the dress ideas with your photographer for Annaprasan

Formal wear:

If your baby feels uncomfortable in traditional wear, you can also choose a formal wear to make the event different from others. On that note, try to choose a yellow dress, with blue jeans to make the picture more bright. While taking the pictures with the parents, try to choose a matching costume for the parents so that the look of the picture can be changed. You can also try to take pictures in an annaprashan background, like, with your maternal uncle he can wear formal wear while taking the picture.

Floral dress:

If you have a baby girl, you can choose floral dress instead of formal wear or traditional wear. The dresses made with artificial flowers are available in Kolkata and if you take pictures in this dress, your baby will look more attractive and stylish. While taking pictures in the garden area, you also choose this dress to make the picture the most extraordinary.

Here are the best ideas that you can choose as your photographic event. The article has described the dress ideas that you can choose for the event. Hopefully, the ideas that are described here will help you a lot.

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