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Are you a Mom to be ? Are you looking to get your maternity moments captured ? Are you worried about it or looking for ideas ? 

Then you are at the right place. Baby Photographer Kolkata will help you get a Memorable Pregnancy Photoshoot in Kolkata.

Are you feeling shy? 

Most of the Indian woman still feels shy to pose with her baby bump in front of a camera. Don't feel shy; let's celebrate the feelings of motherhood. Maternity photography has now become an essential part of the journey of pregnancy. Most of the pregnant woman takes part in the photography to keep their memories in it that can cherish forever.

Why Maternity Photography is important ?

Pregnancy is a gift from God; every mother wants to keep the photograph forever in her mind. It is a journey where a little life starts growing in the womb of a mother. The baby bump starts getting bigger when the baby starts growing in the womb. It remains the most memorable experience of a mother. So, you have an opportunity to get clicked every single week. This will help you in preparing a full album of maternity as well as you can keep on track of your baby’s growth. 

Pregnancy is a time, when every moment you feel a small life growing inside you. You can feel the moment as well as the sense of motherhood right from that time. 

Please check our Maternity Photography Ideas below.

Why choose the Baby Photographer Kolkata for Pregnancy Photography?

The answer is experience ! We have been doing it for the last 10 years !!!

The moto of Maternity photography is to secure the journey of being a lady to being a mother in a photo frame. Many pregnant women feel shy to show their bump in front of the camera; in that case, the photographer has to choose different posture or pose to take a picture of the mother. Though now, most of the women do not feel shy to show their bump in front of the camera, but in some cases, the photographer needs to encourage them would-be a mother to make them picture-perfect. 

Mom-to-be's do not feel shy or uncomfortable nowadays to take a picture at this period, and take maternity photography as a celebration of their pregnancy. So, it is important to choose a perfect photographer who can take care of the looks during pregnancy. Professional photographers use their experience to manage the looks; at this period, a mother remains tired; the photographer should make sure that the tiredness cannot be seen in the actual picture. 

Worried about the pricing

Baby Photographer Kolkata still provides Maternity Photography services at very much budget friendly rates.

Is Maternity Photography possible wearing a Saree ?

In India, maternity photography remains slightly different from the west. Here most of the maternity photography takes place in ethnic costumes, and the background of the picture remains extraordinary than others. In most of the cases, Indian maternity photography happens along with baby shower rituals.

Although Saree is the most common choice of married woman in India, Maternity Photography in Saree is still a rare thing because the concept of Pregnancy Photography is completely western whereas Saree in a traditional Indian Dress.

Maternity Photography Gowns.

Nowadays, most Indian women are wearing fashionable gowns instead of traditional dresses like sarees while taking maternity shoots. Maternity Gowns are generaly of solid colours but sometimes floral prints also adds a flavour to it. Gowns are so popular nowadays that nobody could imagine haing a Phtoshoot without it.

Do you wanna look fashionable in your maternity photos? Well, you can't wear your favorite jeans at this time. Oh! Are you feeling sad? Don't feel so; after a weight loss, you can still wear them. 

Till then, try to wear a fashionable gown instead of one piece. Are you gaining weight at this period? Don't feel shame, this is a part of your motherhood. Due to this overweight, if you fail to wear your old dresses, or tees, don't worry.

You can also look stunning at loose dresses. Try to wear oversized dresses. On the other hand, you can also use belly fewer dresses to show your baby bump clearly. You can wear an oversized polka-dotted gown to look stunning even in your pregnancy

Are you looking for Indian pregnancy photoshoot ideas with a husband?  You will wear a petty oversized gown to look stunning, but what will he wear? 

You may wear blazers or coats or any formal wear while you are taking part in maternity photoshoot with your wife. You can even wear your casual denim as well as a casual tee to look beautiful with your lady. 

If you are Pregnant for the second time, then your kids may also be a part of the Photoshoot. Kids always add a fun element to any Family Maternity Photoshoot.