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Top 5 poses for maternity photography

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Maternity photoshoot poses

After choosing an oversized dress, it's time to choose the perfect pose for your maternity photos.

Posing is an important part in Maternity Photography because of obvious reasons. A pregnant woman is not at all a flexible person and yet it is required to get the best sides and angles for the photography.

Baby Photographer Kolkata team has some interesting pose ideas which you may love to try at your Prenatal Photoshoot.

Below are the top 5 Poses you may try for your Maternity Photoshoot in Kolkata.

Mom alone

The most popular pose for the maternity photoshoot is the mom alone portrait session. At this photo session, you can keep your hands to your baby bump and see towards your belly. This is the pose where a photographer can show your emotions, mental bondings of the mother and her child. Do you know at this point taking this photograph from which angle will suit you? Well, according to the photographers, it is better to take a photograph from a 45-degree angle.

Dad with bump

Do you want to take some silly images of your pre-pregnancy photoshoot? You can accompany your husband in this joke. You can offer him to take photographs with his artificial baby bump. It can happen he will make his baby bump with his extended belly or with his hand. It will make the whole process fun and will also make your memory funny. Other than that, you can also capture an emotional moment of father and his child. In that pose, a father can give a small kiss to the baby bump to show his love towards his champ.

The inline chemistry between a couple is always unique and during the stage when you both wait for the baby, it even intensifies

Include older children

What about your older children? You can also include your older child in this celebration. Pose with him or her to make her feel special. Your photo will remain incomplete if you cannot keep him/her in the maternity photo frame.

Intimate moments

Intimate moments in maternity photoshoot? yes why not ?

The inline chemistry between a couple is always unique and during the stage when you both wait for the baby, it even intensifies.

Just express the emotions and love as natually as possible before the camera. This will be a meaningful picture showing the love and affection of the family.


You can use baby wardrobe products like baby shoes; baby dresses upon your baby bump to make it look more beautiful. You can also make this pose as a welcome sign of your baby.

Besides that, there are more than one funny photoshoots that you can opt for. For, but according to trend, these are one of the most popular posts.

Maternity photoshoot props ideas:

Props for a maternity shoot

You can also choose some props to look better in the maternity photo shoot. These props can include a photo frame, duplicate glasses, a board filled with warm messages, a welcome sign, and much more. The props will help you to look bright in the photoshoot.

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