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Baby's 1st Birthday Photography ideas

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

What do you think about which experience is the best experience for a new mother?

The birth of her own child. When he starts growing, seeing him growing is one of the most beautiful experiences on earth. Now, your child has become able to touch the milestones of his life and turns to 1 year. You have planned a lot for his first birthday party, you have booked catering service, party planners, but wait, have you called a Happy Birthday Photographer?

To make this journey memorable, you should appoint a Professional Baby Photographer to perform 1st birthday photography.  It is equally important to keep the memory that can cherish forever. Are you a new Mom? Who is not aware of the photography ideas for babies? Well, you can go through the post. It consists of more than one effective idea that can help you get one of your baby's best pictures. 

make sure that you have sanitized all the pros properly

Why are babies' photographs important?

First birthday photography will help you to make your baby's journey memorable. So, when it is the question of making memory better, it is better to choose some beautiful theme for your beloved's first birthday. 

This is one of the most common ideas you can use to take the photo of your baby's first birthday pic. In this simple idea, you can add an extraordinary essence. While taking the photo, you can have the same picture you took at the time of newborn photography. In some cases, you can also have the prepregnancy frame to catch up on the moments of yours. This will be a unique idea for the first birthday photo shoot for you and your baby

Using props

You can also use props with the letter "one" or number "1" to make the birthday photograph a unique one. So, make sure the props you are using are one of the unique ones. The usage of props will make photography a unique one. While using these props, make sure that you have sanitized all the pros properly. Your baby can accidentally use these props. You don't need to give some extra pose to make the pic a unique one. 

With siblings

If you have other children, you can also take them in the frame to make the first birthday special. On the Indian birthday party, it is important to take pictures with the siblings to show the bonding between your children. On that note, your children can wear same dresses as your new one to make a fashionable picture. In some cases, you can also capture some images with your other children when they are playing together or having some fun together. These casual images can be a masterpiece of your drawing room. It is going to be the most fashionable memory of your child. 

Sporty One

If you have a baby boy, this theme is definitely for you. At the age of one, see which game your baby likes. It can be soccer or cricket and so on. You can use the player's outfit so that he can look like a player. In front of him, you can have a sporty cake with number one written. It is going to be the unique picture of your sport-loving child.

Princess Theme

You can also use some cute themes like princess theme, mermaid theme, and many more to make your baby's appearance cute. The princess theme and its look are going to amaze your baby's look. 

Messy one 

Don't you think your baby looks most cute when he or she remains messy? Don't you think the messy hair look makes her appearance the cutest? As it is a birthday pic, you can capture the moment after your baby eats her first one. The messy hair smashed cake look is going to make your baby picture perfect. Your baby is going to start their new journey, so make sure you are trying to make it more memorable. So, it can be said that a messy look is one of the unique ideas that you can opt for. 

Place your baby in her toy house.

In a park bench

Babysitting on the perk bench can be a beautiful idea for you and your baby. Place your baby at the park bench and make sure he is comfortable in it. Now, try out different poses and take a picture of it. 

In a toy party

A baby looks most cute at a toy party. Place your baby in her toy house. In this case, you can also use a silly outfit. Having an idea of a toy party will help you make the photo shoot process memorable, and you don't have to think much about the baby's look and the pose of the baby. In a toy party, most of the babies look cute, so try to make sure the photo shoot is casually taking place. Otherwise, it can destroy the appeal of the party. 

If you are passionate about pictures ...

With balloons

You can also have some balloons with your baby to make sure that your baby is looking cute. The look of balloons will help to make your baby cuter. The babies with the balloon theme will help your baby to look cute. In recent ways, there are more than one balloons with number one that will help you to make the look most appealing. 

Sum It up 

Here is the list of ideas that you can choose to make your birthday memorable. From the beginning, it is important to make your babies look attractive. It is your child's first birthday, so try to make sure that you are going to make it more memorable. If you are passionate about pictures, you can have some extraordinary pictures with your baby, so that the child can look beautiful. The pictures with your husband, pictures with other children will make the frame perfect. So, here is the list which you can choose to make your photography stunning. 

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