Newborn Baby Photography in Kolkata

Frequently asked questions

What is Newborn Photography? Why should we do that?

Newborn photography, as the name suggests, is capturing images of a newborn baby. It is generally done within a period of 5 to 10 days of the birth of a baby. Parents usually like a baby to get wrapped in beautiful clothes and ribbons and Photograph in different poses. It is essential to capture such particular movements of the newborn if you just became a parent. There are different faces that a baby makes, including some beautiful smiles and crying faces as well. It feels like capturing every single moment, and facial expression is so blissful. To do so, you are suggested to use experienced photographers working in the area of newborn photography only.

Are our newborn photos safe?

If you just became parents, you must be very excited and worried at the same time. The significant excitement is to do every possible thing that pleases the baby, and one major fear is to handle the baby with care. In such a scenario, if you want to go for a newborn photographer, you have to go for experts only. Handling a baby that is just born five days back, it is a bit responsibly. The safety of the Newborn is in your hand. When it comes to newborn photography, it is your responsibility to hire an experienced professional who has experience in wrapping and posing the baby.

How old should Newborn be for pictures?

It is essential to keep the baby sleepy at the time pf Photography. You are suggested to make sure that the baby range is between 5 to 10 days for newborn photography. It is crucial to get the photoshoot done indoor only to protect the baby from harsh temperature changes. As parents, you need to make sure that proper precautions are being taken while wrapping the baby into clean clothes. In various photoshoots, expert photographers have the strength to pose the baby in different positions; you need to make sure that Baby is handled with care while doing that.

Is 3 weeks/1 Month too old for newborn photos? Why?

Newborn, as the name suggests, represents a baby who just took birth. Newborns are babies ranging from 5 to 10 days, and hence you one photography should be done within that period only. Three weeks baby is although not too old for newborn photography, but you may not get the shot you are looking for. It is therefore suggested to take care of your newborn photography and get it clicked within a period of 5 to 10 days.

How do you take cute newborn pictures?

It is essential to call a newborn photographer to take the best picture of your newborn ? Well, if you don’t have those circumstances, you can make your baby’s picture on your own. On that note, while taking the picture, make sure that you are following some tips and tricks so that you can take a picture of your baby on your own. Please visit our Blog section for Tips on Newborn Photography.

How should we pose newborns for photos

It is better to take pictures of your baby naturally, besides taking a posed photograph. Well, are you looking for newborn photography poses? There is more than one pose are present that you can try. First of all, don’t try to take dangerous poses, try to capture the natural bonding of you and your baby.

How should I dress my baby for a photoshoot?

Are you looking for a perfect dress for your baby? Well, most of the couple takes photo of their baby bare bodied. But if you don't want to do so, try out those dresses, in which your baby is comfortable. Try to make her dress cuter. Without using a beautiful dress, you will not be able to take pictures of the baby. Related : How do you take cute newborn pictures?

How do you wrap a baby for a photoshoot?

You can buy Baby Wraps for NewBorn Photography at online stores, just grab a few good ones. You can wrap the baby before the photoshoot. Check some help videos in youtube. Try to use some extra cuteness while wrapping your baby. In this time, make sure you are leaving his head free while wrapping him.

What should parents wear for a newborn shoot?

Who does not want to be a part of infant photography? Especially when he is your own baby. You can take the idea from the outdoor photoshoot ideas for couples you have used at the time of your marriage. A father and mother should wear regular wear instead of traditional wear or wear some fusion costume to take pictures with the baby.

What do I need for a newborn photoshoot? What props are used?

There are several props there that you can use for the newborn baby photo shoot. Well, it can be his or her beautiful dress, unused shoes, blank photo frames, parents' belongings, and many more.

What is the best lighting for newborn photography? Best Camera, lens?

It is best to take a picture of a baby in natural light; make sure that you do not use heavy lights or flashes while taking the babies. In case it is not possible, you can use lenses with larger apertures, like f/1.8, or f/1.4 etc. Prime lenses works best for these type of Photography. Macro lenses could also be used to capture tiny body part details of facial close-ups. It is preferable to use a Full-Frame Interchangeble Lens Camera for better results.

Are newborn pictures worth the cost?

Newborn pictures are a cost-worthy product. If you want to see your baby's journey when he has grown up already, it will become a memorable one for you—thinking about the cost? Don't worry; Baby Photographer Kolkata provide newborn photography packages at an affordable price.