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What is Bengali Annaprasan ? Why is it celebrated ?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Bengali annaparsan or mukhe bhat is a ceremony celebrated among Bengali people, where the baby child eats rice for the first time in their life. Most of the time, the maternal uncle of the baby or the grandfather of the baby feeds him or her.  

when the baby takes solid food for the first time

Annaprasana is a very old ritual which is celebrated all over India in different names, when the baby takes solid food for the first time. There is no clear evidence for in which period the annaprasana ritual was started among Indians.

Most of the people believe that the ritual is taking effect from the vedic period. Did you know which age is the best age to feed the baby annaprasan?

Well, you can choose the date at this period, when your baby becomes able to take solid food, it can be within any period from six months to one year. Boys' annaprashan ceremony is being celebrated in even months and for the baby girls, it is celebrated in odd months.

Are you aware of the significance of this period? At this time period, the baby’s body starts preparing to take solid foods so with a celebration, the baby takes her first food.

Did you ever think you can keep a beautiful memory of this ceremony using Annaprashan photography?

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