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5 Best Ways to sneak good photos at a Bengali Annaprashan Ceremony

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

To keep the memory of the annaprasana safe. You can take help from Baby Photographer Kolkata, we are expert in First Rice Ceremony Photography. Here is a list of ways that you can take some amazing pictures of your baby.

1. Solo shoot of the baby before the actual event

You can take several photographs of a baby before starting the actual ceremony. It will be best to take a solo shot of the baby before the program because after the whole ritual the baby can get exhausted and it will be difficult for you to take the picture of him. Try to take his picture in traditional wear. It will be a great idea to make the photographic event more realistic.

the picture which will remind the joyful moments of that ritual

2. Baby with Parents at house or Outdoor/Garden

Besides taking a solo picture, you can also take pictures of babies with their parents. This event will show the eternal love between the baby and the parent. Choose a beautiful place in the garden area or the rooftop where you can take pictures of the baby. You can prepare an outdoor photoshoot at this time to make this ritual more memorable.

3. While Baby is having Haldi/Bath Ritual

The haldi or the bath ritual is another important ritual for the babies. At this time when the baby is in the haldi ritual, you can take the pictures of the baby. It is the picture which will memorize the joyful moments of that ritual. The enjoyment that took place in that ritual and the reaction of the baby seeing all the rituals.   4. While Baby is fed by maternal uncle/grandpa

You can also capture the main event of the ceremony. It is the time when the maternal uncle or the grandpa of the baby's starts feeding him. It is the eternal moment of the baby that can cherish forever. To take pictures for this event, there are no special poses needed. using the natural poses, the pictures can be made in a beautiful manner. When a baby takes an annaprashan gift from their relatives after the feeding ritual, it can also be the best moment to capture.

5. While baby chooses objects related to different professions thereby suggesting his/her interest etc.

Related Tags is being celebrated when the baby chooses from his favourite object. In this ritual, on a platter, there are more than one objects stored. From this platter, the baby has to select an object which is noted as the area of interest for the baby. In this scenario, you can take the picture when the baby is taking his favourite object. later you can check if the area of interest remains the same for the annaprashan baby or not. So, if you are willing to plan your baby’s subha annaprashan, you can add the photography event in it.

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