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Maternity Photographer and Baby Photographer in Kolkata



"Wudbe mummy look so fat, shes 2-in-1 and u no that.
newborn baby we love u, milk is here and grow big now.
Tiny toddlers mischief cheeks, hold ma hand lot i know tricks.
Gifts, Balloons and clapping hand, First time birthdays always grand."



Welcome to the world of Baby Photography in Kolkata.


Here we help you give shape to your ideas related to Maternity and Newborn Photography.

We have been doing Photography and Cinematography for more than 10 years and you can get the reflection of the same while browsing our portfolio. During these years , we have been relentlessly trying to improve the quality of work and create a difference with the kind of services being provided in this part of the country.

Maternity or Pregnancy Photography or Newborn Baby Photoshoots in Kolkata are not very much new concepts, but the way it has been done in the past left a lot of scope for improvement. Raja Das is one of the very few Photographers in Kolkata who could see this problem and focussed in making a mark with fresh new insights in Photographing just born babies or expecting mothers.

Props, Lights, Poses, Equipment, Post-processing play a big part in the Baby Portfolio or Pre-nuptial photographs, and we are constantly on the edge of improvement each and every day.

These are the following services we provide under Baby Photographer Kolkata. The Services are arranged almost as they occur in real life in that sequence.


Maternity Photography in Kolkata, India


Indian Maternity Photography is different from Western Countries Pre Pregnancy Photoshoots. Here we not only do the baby bump, but also love to capture a family in the process of expansion. We have Baby Shower ceremonies where specific Indian Rituals were performed and then followed by a Maternity Couple Photoshoot indoors or outdoors.

In Kolkata We do Maternity Photoshoots at Eco Park, Central Park, Victoria Memorial Garden, Maidan, Princep Ghat etc places inside Kolkata city.

We use the latest Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras, Lenses, Lights and Accessories in each Maternity Photoshoot in Kolkata.

We move with a car load of Baby and Maternity Photoshoot props and we welcome your ideas as well.

Although We believe in Candid Style of Photography, we know there are some poses for Pregnancy Photoshoots which helps in creating a beautiful Maternity Photography, we help you with that.



Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Kolkata, India


Newborn Photography is the 'Prime Focus Area' of Baby Photographer Kolkata, and we are very serious about it. Newborn Photography is now a most happening Job currently in Photography which is Rapidly Growing with time.

Raja is an expert Newborn Baby Photographer from Kolkata. He has been featured in Times Of India as one of the Best Maternity and Baby Photographers in Kolkata.

Just born Babies are best to photoshoot within the first 20 days, It becomes easier to wrap the infant with cloth to make the 'womb pose'.

We have recently revamped our Newborn Baby Photography Props and included some interesting items you will hardly find with any Newborn Photographer in Kolkata.

A quick look at our Newborn Photography Gallery is enough to give you an idea of our style. We always use the best equipment while keeping an eye on the budget as well.

We provide the best Baby Photography charges in Kolkata, (India) without compromising on quality.


Rice Ceremony Photography in Kolkata, India


Annaprasana or Rice Ceremony is the third most important ceremony in India from the Baby Announcement or Baby Naming Ceremony. Since Newly Born babies grow up so fast it gives a massive Photo opportunity to preserve the memories.


A baby starts having solid food ceremoniously from this day. 'Anna' means Rice, which is a staple food in India and hence it is used as a symbol that the baby is ready for the second level of diet.

It is also called Mukhe Bhaat in Bengali Annaprashan in Kolkata, India. In Bengali cultures, there is another custom with which the baby is given options to choose from different professions by picking up items symbolizing different careers.

Rice Ceremony Photography includes the Rice eating Event Photography, the career path selection of the kid, as well as small sneak peaks of the baby and its parents during the day.

We also provide Cinematography service along with Rice Ceremony Photography. Please visit our Youtube Channel for the latest works. We are a team of Professional Photographers and Cinematographers in Kolkata.



Baby Milestone Photoshoot in Kolkata, India


Cute Baby, Quiet Baby, Still Baby, Loud Baby, Girl Baby, Boy Baby, Fashion Baby, Passion Baby, Action Baby, Jackshion Baby, Toddler Baby, Juggler Baby

Every Baby has its day. The Day they completed their first milestone. The most eventful year in their lives as well as their parents and family members.

This is the First Birthday that we do this Milestone Photoshoots outdoors or Cake Smash Sessions indoors. Family day out snaps and Grand Cake cutting event in the evenings. These are the times in life that deserve a Professional Photoshoot session and nothing less.

Nowadays there are different theme based photoshoot sessions in which the baby is placed with different situations of Jobs or hobbies or situations. Cute baby photos are done in these fun sessions.

The world must know the 'Boss Baby' in the town.


Birthday Photography in Kolkata, India


Birthday Photography is the second most popular life event Photoshoots after Wedding. A birthday Photographer must possess few specific characters like patience and skills. Kids once started walking never stays at a place, and it takes immense level of patience to get a proper candid photo of the little Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl.

This is the first event when kids are snapped with their friends, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. The bonding between them calls for some serious memory capturing Photos.

With Gifts, Balloons, Toys, and colourful decorations, kids have their fund filled expressions for us to capture.

Baby Photographer Kolkata also provides Cinematic Videography service in Birthday Events in Kolkata, India.

Moments, and only moments we live for, we  live in, we leave away. Some we can remember and some we need to bring back. Photographs have the only use to remind us of our times well lived, the moments we never gotta find back otherwise. No amount of money or power could bring them back and yet we do very little to preserve them in a nicer way.

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